Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hang on Tummy, Momma's Taking You on an Adventure!

I'd like to apologize to my stomach ahead of time for what I will put you through during this upcoming East Asia trip. You will have to deal with things you've never dealt with before. I will try my best to stay within the category of "edible."
I'd also like to say "you're welcome!" to my taste buds and inner fat girl. Oh lawdy lawd! You will be so happy! You won't be able to even comprehend the deliciousness and adventure surrounding you. You'll go places you've never been, experience things you've never experienced!
You and tummy be in constant conflict. I'm confident taste buds will prevail and stomach will hang on like a monkey white knucklin' a tree limb during a lively storm. You can do it monkey...I mean tummy. I believe in you. We need this.

To be continued...obviously. T minus 50 hours to take off! 

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