Monday, May 25, 2015

Pho With Beef on the Side Please

It's cold. It's cloudy. I'm starving and I have about an hour before I have run back to this news story. 

You know what that means? Pho. Like, pho-shizzle mah nizzle, I will eat this pho-ever. The PHO-tastic, pho-nomenal pho. I don't pho around. 

It's funny. Whenever I'm even a little hungry and my photographer is driving to our next destination, I find myself giving my surroundings a hardcore ocular pat-down. For potential interviews of course, but also for where to eat. It's like that Over the Hedge movie....SQUIRREL!! FOOD!

Don't lie, you know you do this too. 

Tonight, we're at Pho Cadao in Santee. There are a few locations around the county. I'm going old school and getting the small, combo pho. If it's a non-shady pho place, I get my raw beef on the side. Pho Cadao is a good place to get it. Lots of pho-lovers do this. Squeeze the lime over the raw meet and then dip or dump the beefy slices in the hot broth. It will

So, who's hungry now? Pho-REAL!

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