Sunday, April 5, 2015

Eat, Eat, Love

"The Banh Mi Queens"
Hoi An's Phuong Bahn Mi

"Enjoying #1 - With Everything"
A fried egg makes things better

"Cham Island Man"
Grilled seafood off the mainland

"I'll Have That, That & That"
Abalone and sea urchin (uni)

"Keeping it Local"
Sure, this is hotel food, but it's delicious. Simple and delicious

"Night Market"
Pick-your-own-seafood-dinner at Koh Samui's night market

"Pretty Papaya"
Spicy young papaya salad with tomato rose

"The Tastes of Thailand"
Sour, sweet, spicy and salty

"Green Machine"
Trying Okinawa seaweed for the first and probably last time

"Best Airport Food...Ever"

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