Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This Is Where You Can Get Lobster For <$20

But, it's not in San Diego...

Sorry! I was in the Bay Area for the weekend visiting family and they introduced me to a "come to mama" seafood joint that's both delicious and affordable. Two of my favorite things. Say hello to my not-so-little friend!

First, let me explain what happened. My family was planning to have a birthday dinner for me here at New England Lobster Company Market & Eatery in Burlingame (near SFO) Sunday. Saturday, the day before, my aunt, uncle and mom pick me up from the airport. My aunt says, "Maybe we should sample this place first. Make sure it's good before we bring everyone else." Okay...suspicious....

"Sampling" turned out to be this...

Four lobster platters, two lobster/corn chowder bowls, a dozen oysters and four raw clams (*the oysters and clams are not worth it. Too expensive. Go to Tomales Bay Oyster Company). I'd like to say I was surprised, but I wasn't. When it comes to food, we go big.

It's sort of a DIY restaurant where there aren't servers. You have to walk up to a counter yourself, order and get a number. I really don't mind this style of restaurant service. If the food is this good and it keeps the cost down, it's considered a win-win for me.

Oh hey maw, sorry, I didn't see you there behind my...MONSTER LOBSTER CLAW.
For $19.95 you can get the "special platter," which includes a 1.25 lb whole lobster, coleslaw and chips. To give you an idea of what a phenomenal deal this is, I ate at fancy shmancy restaurant in San Diego and paid more than $40 for a smaller, overcooked lobster.

Let's put it this way. This place is so good, my family ate there twice in one weekend. We had a great time and made great memories. From my family to yours, we hope you do too! 

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