Thursday, April 9, 2015

What If I Told You...You've Been Eating Egg Rolls All Wrong

Yup, you heard me. me. Whatever. You know what I mean.

I'm talking about Vietnamese egg rolls. All you Chinese egg roll eaters, no worries you're good. Go back to eating that orange chicken and shrimp shaped ground up fish. All is right in your world.

As for Vietnamese spring rolls...

I mean, it's not BAD if you grab one of those rolls and just eat them. It's not wrong. It's not a SIN. You're simply defying centuries of Vietnamese history over which wars have been fought, lives have been lost, honor has been defended. Just kidding. I have no idea. I was raised on Chinese food and found out about the "right way" to eat Vietnamese spring rolls at friends' houses in high school. 

Still, I've had a taste of the good life and there's no going back. If you think those vegetables in the background are just that, background, think again. They are what will bring that fried, golden, savory crunch tube to the next level. In Vietnamese cuisine, it's all about wrapping fried stuff in healthy stuff yo.

Think of it as a lettuce taco or burrito, but far more exciting than that sounds. You take the lettuce, put the egg roll in it and top it off with some of the Asian basil, cilantro and really whatever other green things the restaurant gives you. Roll that up tightly, dip it in the lime, sugar, fish sauce mix and see what I mean. You'll experience a crunch from the lettuce and the egg roll. Inside will be soft and meaty, but balanced by the coolness of the basil and mint. Divine.

Most non-shady Vietnamese restaurants in San Diego will have decent egg rolls, but my favorite ones are from Phuong Trang in Kearny Mesa.

The difference is the wrapper. It's much thinner and almost pastry-like. Really good. And for your non beef and swine eaters, sometimes there's a chicken option.

I really want to try more of their rice wrap menu items, especially the baked catfish. That dish is supposed to be shared between like 10 people, so I may need help. Holla if you want to get your grub on and be in my next post! Don't y'all call me all at once now.  

#NomOn friends. 

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