Sunday, April 26, 2015

I Hope This Doesn't Bug You

"Hey, I want to try a bug today," said no one ever. Well, said very few people I know....ever.

Even I don't wake up and crave bugs, but I am often curious about what they taste like. Every time I've tried one or have seen someone try one, the response is usually the same - it's not as bad as I thought it would be. 

They're not bad for you (the edible ones, of course). In fact, in 2013 the United Nations released a report encouraging people to eat bugs because they're good for you and the world.

They're low in fat, high in fiber, protein-rich and, best of all, have a very low carbon footprint. Unlike traditional meat, it takes much less energy to raise bug protein.

If you're like me and curious about entomophagy (otherwise known as eating bugs), Tacos Perla in North Park is the place to grub on some grubs. Or you can be like Lindsay and watch in horror while some else eats them.

"I can't! I just can't!"

At Tacos Perla, they serve crickets as a topping. For 75 cent extra you can have the little critters sprinkled on whatever your heart desires. They taste like they're seasoned with lime, fried and then tossed in salt.

The crickets themselves don't taste like much, especially if you get them on something flavorful like a carne asada taco. Lindsay got them on a quesadilla which was no bueno. The tortilla was plain. The cheese was plain, which means the crickets were the main attraction. You can see by her face below what she thought of it. Haha!

Personally, I liked it. More than actually eating it, I liked the idea of it. It's cool that a new, hip eatery in San Diego is taking a risk and giving people this kind of option. North Park is a great place to do that too.

Definitely worth a try if you can stomach it. If you want to learn more about bug eating, here are some interesting reads:

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