Sunday, April 26, 2015

Petco Park. I Went for the Baseball (Food).

This is truly off the eaten path. Are you ready for it? Are you?!

I mean, really. Who knows what crazy meat parts are ground up, smushed together and stuffed into this equally questionable clear casing! If you've eating this, you have truly eaten bizarre foods.

I'm the last person to care about that. I LOVE hot dogs. Plus, they always taste better when you're at a ball game with good company.

I write this post because I actually didn't eat anything that remarkable at Petco Park. I didn't do it right! I didn't venture far enough! I've been told time and time again there's great food there.

Next time you guys see me, let me know where I need to go to get a good dog or anything else for that matter. It was cold and rainy last night and the Padres were losing. I only had the heart to walk a few hundred feet for food. #foodfail #trytryagain

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